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  • Cold Sore Survival Guide

    Cold sores are extremely common and generally are signs of the infection of HSV1 virus, or herpes. It’s so prevalent that around 60-70 percent of all American people by the age of 60 are infected.  The problem with cold sores and HSV1 is that there is no cure, only ways to subside the symptoms.   Cold […]

  • Top 4 Skin Damaging-Agents

    As the largest organ in your body, your skin is your greatest asset.  This also means that it is subject to a lot of damaging agents that are packed in our daily lives.  Follow this simple list to obtain the greatest potential for beautiful skin. The Sun. We’ve heard it all before –“Turn your face […]

  • Tips On Using Retinol

    For some people, they don’t fully understand or appreciate what retinol is until a wrinkle is exposed.  The truth is, retinol has a multitude of usages.  Retinol were initially used to improve severe acne,  but recently other benefits were discovered through this product- such as preventing harmful effects from the sun and treating wrinkles.  Retinol […]

  • How To Prevent & Treat Sunburns

    First and foremost, you need to start preventative care right away.  Sometimes defense is better than the actual cure itself.  Address the severity.  If your sunburn comes with some unusual symptoms- nausea or dizziness, this might be a case of sun stroke or dehydration and needs treatment from a medical professional right away. Inside and […]

  • Thinking About Dying Your Gray Hair?

    A lot of us won’t be ready to embrace gray hair.  A British survey reveals that around 32 percent of women find their first gray hair under the age of 30.  Gray coverage is a little different than your standard hair color treatment- gray hair is stiff, dry and actually contains no more color pigment. […]

  • How Exercise Benefits The Skin

    We all know that exercise is good for the body. But did you know that it is also good for the skin? Think about it after a workout, jog or a game of tennis you’re tired but exhilarated. The exhilaration can be clearly seen on your glowing skin. Your skin is flushed with healthy sweat […]

  • Additional Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Young

    The anti-aging industry is a multi-billion one. Every year men and women spend hundreds of dollars in the hopes of achieving a younger looking visage. The good news for those of us who don’t have major bucks to spend on beauty products there are easy and affordable ways of keeping your young looks. We might […]

  • Home Remedies for Brittle Nails

    Save some cash by treating your brittle nails with effective home remedies. Brittle nails can be a pain and ugly to look at. They break easily and make manicures look bad. The great thing about home remedies for brittle nails is that they are easy to do, affordable and their results tend to last longer […]

  • Can Teens Use Anti-ageing Products?

    People from all walks of life are becoming more self-conscious nowadays. Men and women regardless of race and age all want to look handsome and beautiful. Teenagers usually go through a “self-conscious” stage where they are more aware of the changes their bodies are going through especially during the onset of puberty. In fact, some […]

  • Great Foods For Great Skin

    If you’re tired of trying out different skin care products in the hopes of getting beautiful skin you’re in luck because we’re gonna tell you how to get great skin by eating. Think about it, we all need to eat every day, so why not eat food that will make you more beautiful? There are […]