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In the future we are going to add articles on fashion and general beauty for women over 40. We want to be the number one resource for older women looking their best.

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om2Christine Kinney (Google +) is a mother of 3 and avid beauty and fashion blogger. She has been a cosmetologist for over 5 years and loves healthy skin. Currently she’s a stay at home mom but carries her years of experience with her and gives it away online. She is also the product review guinea pig for WFM.   Email her@ christine@wrinklefreewomen.com

xauthor1Robin Cormick (Google +) is a beauty and fashion extraordinaire. She always outshines her friends when it comes to fashion and unique hairstyles. She is also an editor for WFM and writes articles on beauty and looking your best after 50. Email her@ robincormick@wrinklefreewomen.com



Mary Lynn Wright (Google +) started her career over 30 years ago as a catalog model. She has been around professional photographers, cosmetologists and designers and really “knows what looks good”. She also has a powerful understanding of how beauty influences modern day society whether its looking younger or dressing better. Email her@ marylwright@wrinklefreewomen.com

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