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Algae as a skin care product? This is what Algenist is doing for skin right now. They are harnessing the oil producing capabilities of microalgae for its anti-ageing benefits for the skin. According to Algenist developer Solazyme, Algenist products work by accelerating skin renewal and promote tighter skin after continued long-term use. This is what all the hype is about, the alguronic acid that is basically the main ingredient in their products. However as with any Algenist review, the bottom line is whether it works or not.

For this Algenist product feedback, we decided to try the Regenerative Anti-Ageing Moisturizer. A 50 ml jar costs around $90, so it is pretty expensive. The product claims to restore moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Aside from Alguronic acid it also contains Vitamin C and apple stem cell extract which is said to smoothen skin and add radiance.

I must say that my Algenist experience is a good one. The product is very easy to use. I only had to apply on a clean face and neck twice daily. At 42, my pores especially those on my nose and cheek have become larger, fine lines are also visible around my mouth and crow’s feet is noticeable. After 10 days, the results are impressive. My pores are smaller and my wrinkles less visible. I also have to add that my skin is sensitive and I often suffer from breakouts and acne but after 10 days still no sign of these two so this is definitely a plus for this product. However, I did experience some peeling but it was minimal and disappeared after the next day.

I also feel a definite smoothness in my skin and tightness especially around my eye and mouth area. Texture is also more supple and skin tone more even. I am not really too sure about the radiance as I apply make-up daily but my daughter did say that I looked “sunnier” so I guess she must be referring to this.

As a moisturizer it delivers its promise. My skin feels hydrated without it being overly sensitive. No stinging sensation which I usually feel when applying anti-ageing products. The tight feeling lasts the whole day so I know that it is really working. I also praise the company for the smoothness of the product. It is very easy to spread and feels very light on the skin.

The anti-oxidant in Algenist, Algae Exopolysaccharides is also another plus in the pro column for this Algenist product review.

The only negative comment I have in my Algenist feedback is the cost of the product.  Since I have only been using the product for a month I am not sure if results such as the ones I noticed after 10 days will continue. I have yet to see more improvement on my pores and wrinkles. While I know that no product can make wrinkles totally disappear I wanted the existing wrinkles to appear more lighter on my face especially my crow’s feet.

So basically a good product as it works. However quite expensive and unaffordable for many.

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