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  • Tips On Using Retinol

    For some people, they don’t fully understand or appreciate what retinol is until a wrinkle is exposed.  The truth is, retinol has a multitude of usages.  Retinol were initially used to improve severe acne,  but recently other benefits were discovered through this product- such as preventing harmful effects from the sun and treating wrinkles.  Retinol […]

  • Thinking About Dying Your Gray Hair?

    A lot of us won’t be ready to embrace gray hair.  A British survey reveals that around 32 percent of women find their first gray hair under the age of 30.  Gray coverage is a little different than your standard hair color treatment- gray hair is stiff, dry and actually contains no more color pigment. […]

  • Additional Ways To Keep Your Skin Looking Young

    The anti-aging industry is a multi-billion one. Every year men and women spend hundreds of dollars in the hopes of achieving a younger looking visage. The good news for those of us who don’t have major bucks to spend on beauty products there are easy and affordable ways of keeping your young looks. We might […]

  • Can Teens Use Anti-ageing Products?

    People from all walks of life are becoming more self-conscious nowadays. Men and women regardless of race and age all want to look handsome and beautiful. Teenagers usually go through a “self-conscious” stage where they are more aware of the changes their bodies are going through especially during the onset of puberty. In fact, some […]

  • Botox Dangers You Should Know About

    Botox injections are popular because they are fast, effective and relatively inexpensive. This anti-wrinkle remedy’s popularity gets even more traction as it is frequently endorsed by celebrities that have received treatment. Liz Hurley and Meg Ryan are just some of the celebrities that have tried this treatment. Yes, Botox is mainstream these days. But while […]

  • Finding a Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin

    Women with sensitive skin will know how hard it is to look for skin products that won’t irritate the skin. Even though it says “for sensitive skin” many products still leave skin raw, sore, red and sometimes peeling. Finding good skin care products made especially for your skin type is important because it delays aging, […]

  • Affordable Essential Oils For Anti-Ageing

    Did you know that essential oils can help the skin renew and regenerate itself? Essential oils can minimize the signs of ageing such as age spots, wrinkles, scars and fine lines. The regenerative properties of certain essential oils are effective along with the right minerals and nutrients present to help retain skin elasticity, hydration and […]

  • Skin Care Tips for Women Over 60

    Women in their 60’s are concerned about looking younger and reclaiming that youthful glow. While this is perfectly normal, wouldn’t it be better having healthier skin instead? Healthy skin means healthy body which in turn will make you feel better about yourself. This can then be manifested in your attitude and boost your confidence. Call […]

  • Tips To Turn Back The Clock (Anti-Ageing)

    Women spend hundreds of dollars each year to maintain their youthful looking skin. Many of us know that wrinkles are part of ageing. However this does not mean to say that we have to take this sitting down. Women at different ages need different skin care. But there is one skin care tip that women […]

  • Top Dark Spot Correctors

    We want dark spots to go away and stay away. These nasty skin blemishes make the face look old, tired and dirty. Dark spots are usually caused by sun exposure, cosmetic use, pimples/acne scars and old age. These spots can appear on the face, hands, neck and décolletage. Having dark spots on the skin can […]

  • How To Look Younger In Your 40s

    Women, no matter what the age, always want to look younger. Youthful looks can boost self confidence, happiness and give us a positive outlook. Women in their 40 are mothers, employees, business women and even grandmothers. However this is not an excuse to act like and look like an old lady. Women in their 40s […]

  • How To Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles

    Eye wrinkles or crow’s feet are those nasty lines on the corner of our eyes which sometimes become more prominent as we age. These can be annoying as it can add up to 10 years to our appearance. Many women consider plastic surgery or botox in order to minimize the appearance of these nasty lines. […]