Can Teens Use Anti-ageing Products?


People from all walks of life are becoming more self-conscious nowadays. Men and women regardless of race and age all want to look handsome and beautiful. Teenagers usually go through a “self-conscious” stage where they are more aware of the changes their bodies are going through especially during the onset of puberty. In fact, some teens are under pressure to look the best and have perfect skin and make-up all the time. The pressure coupled with commercials and advertisements are probably some of the reasons why some teenagers are choosing to get a head start on wrinkles and anti-aging products.

The quest for perfect beauty has many adults and mothers asking whether it is alright to let their teen-aged children try out anti-aging products. While many products are safe for teenage use, it is still best to steer them away from products geared towards mature skin. If your teen is insistent make sure to avoid: anti-wrinkle creams, serums, peels and products specifically marketed for mature skin.

Taking care of the skin at a young age is important. This is why it is essential for teens to have cleanser, toner, moisturizer and acne treatment products. Skin care products should also include SPF. This is important in preventing skin cancer. These are the basics teens should include for their daily skin care regimen. There are some anti-aging products teenagers can try out for their skin care routine. Here are some products considered to be safe for teen use.

Eye Cream

Teens can benefit from eye creams especially those who experience puffiness under the eyes. However it is good to note that teenagers should purchase eye creams made from natural ingredients. Teenagers should also avoid using eye creams labeled for mature skin use as these have higher concentration of chemicals that are not safe for teenage skin.

Firming creams and lotion

Teenagers can use this because they will not do anything harmful to the skin. Again, purchase products with natural ingredients and not labeled for mature skin use.


This procedure can be done at home or professionally at a skin clinic or dermatologist office. People of all ages can benefit from microdermabrasion because it exfoliates the skin removing the top dead layer and revealing young new skin. Regular microdermabrasion can promote healthy skin and even skin tone.

For teenagers the best skin care regimen is still the basics plus exercise and sun protection. It is also important to keep hydrated to keep skin from getting dry. Teenagers should get approximately 8 hours of sleep every day, follow a healthy diet and get sun protection to keep their skin clear and young looking. Exercise can also keep the skin healthy be improving blood circulation. Regular exercise helps in efficiently delivering nutrients to the skin while helping the body get rid of toxins that can cause damages. Anti-aging products should be used under adult supervision, always contain natural products and not labeled for mature skin.

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