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022208-clarisonicClarisonic is a skin care product originally manufactured by Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, the company founded by David Guliani. The product was later bought by L’Oreal in 2012 and today, Clarisonic Skin Care System has revolutionized the anti-ageing industry not only in the United States but in Europe as well. I decided to give this product a try and do a Clarisonic review. Here are some of the things I found out regarding this skin care system.

A Clarisonic Skin Care System package consists of the Clarisonic classic brush, brush head, charger and a tube of refreshing gel cleanser. My skin is oily in the T-Zone area and dry for the rest. This makes me quite picky when choosing skin care products as it has to satisfy the different regions in my skin which is also a bit sensitive in the dry areas. So the first thing I did was to check the ingredients of the gel.

The gel cleanser contains the usual ingredients found in many skin care cleaning systems such as willow bark extract and aloe vera. What I like however is that it also contains grape seed extract which is said to reduce skin cancer and promote wound healing, green tea extract which contains lots of anti-oxidants and is great for acne and Algae extract which has anti-ageing properties. These ingredients are what I actively look for when purchasing since my skin is prone to breakout and because I love a good anti-ageing product.

A good point for the pro side of my Clarisonic review is that it is easy to operate. For those who are intimidated using a hand held facial brush, Clarisonic is a no-brainer. Remove all your makeup first and then apply the cleansing gel on damp skin or on the brush. Select a speed and press the device lightly on your face.  Spend 20 seconds going from left to right on your forehead, another 20 seconds going up and down your nose and chin, lastly spend 10 seconds on each cheek and your done.

I’ve tried using other cleansing system and lots of them (including the exfoliating device) were complicated to operate. My Clarisonic feedback is that the device only came in two speeds and I only had to clean my face for a minute. So it’s also hassle-free and fast. After using I immediately noticed that my face was indeed cleaner. After 2 weeks of using my co-worker said that I look well-rested and fresh.

My one bad Clarisonic review is that it’s quite expensive. The package I bought was at $150 for a $200 value. So even if I did end up saving $50, it was still quite expensive and for many users way above their skin care budget. The refreshing gel cleanser bundled into the product was at 6 fl. oz or 177 ml, in my opinion quite generous and that lasted me around 5 weeks so not bad considering that this product is priced at around $25 when purchased individually. The company recommends changing brush heads every three months and this will cost an additional $25 for the user.

I am still using this product and after 2 months my breakouts have been minimal and my skin a bit clearer. I have also noticed that my foundation goes smoother and skin tone more even. I still continue to use this product and so far the applicator has been working smoothly. I have a friend who unbeknownst to me has been using the same Clarisonic products as I have for the last 6 months and her device has already stopped working.

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