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I am continuously on the search for the best anti-ageing and skin care system and so one day I stumbled upon Dermawand. Before buying I naturally looked up some reviews of the people who used this product and became intrigued by the product and the infomercial I saw on TV. Reading the reviews made me wonder if the product could tighten my skin and remove wrinkles as was suggested by the infomercial. Two days later I bought the product and here is my personal Dermawand feedback.

The Dermawand is sort of like a DIY facelift. It does not have any ingredients because it is a device which emits a stream of impulses at 114,000 cycles per second. According to the company this impulse will lift skin and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. The impulses simulate thousands of fingers massaging the face thus improving blood flow which in turn helps reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and make the user look younger.

Personally speaking I have only started using the product for a week and I have seen some results. I am in my late 30’s and lines have begun to show on my forehead and crow’s feet have appeared around my eyes. After several days of using Dermawand for 5 minutes morning and evening I saw a definite lightening of my crow’s feet. They’re still there but I feel that they are less visible. My forehead line is also less noticeable. My skin also feels tighter and my cheeks naturally rosier.

On the cons side of my Dermawand review is the price. There are many beauty products that cost less and are probably just as effective. The Dermawand I bought cost $120 and comes with a DVD instructional video and booklet and a pre-face treatment kit. However, many long time users in other sites have commented that their device still works even after 2 to 3 years of usage, so while $100 is a big out of pocket expense for many of us, it does offer value as it lasts a long time.

Another thing I balked at during the first few days I used this is the 5 minutes it takes everyday to stimulate the skin. When you’re in a rush to go to the office, an additional 5 minutes for getting ready and priming seems a lot. So, first time users have to factor in an additional 5 minutes every day for using the Dermawand. So this is bad for people who are habitually rushing out the door every morning.

My last negative Dermawand reivew, the company does not offer other products to use with the wand itself so many other users would wonder if the improvement on their skin is due to Dermanwand or other products they use. It would be great if they come up with other complimentary products like cleansing foam or moisturizing cream.

It’s going to take a while before I see concrete results while using this product. However, the initial result is satisfying. I have read about other people commenting that they are in their 50’s and look 10 years younger thanks to their Dermawand experience but I have yet to get there.

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