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My friend recommended Frownies to me several months ago. When she told me about it I was skeptical in purchasing the product especially since it was just a patch and it does not contain any formulation that would get rid of wrinkles and lines in my forehead. Since she was really convincing I decided to read some Frownies reviews for myself and do a little bit of research for the product. My skepticism increased especially since I discovered that this product is made of unbleached craft paper with a water activated adhesive. However, Frownies has been around since the 1880’s. This product clearly has staying power especially in today’s age of cosmetic surgery.

Frownies has been marketed as the surgery-free alternative to botox. It is easy enough to use. Simply peel off the patch and apply on an area of your forehead you have smoothened and leave for 3 hours. The idea is for the muscle on the patched area to relax and to train it to stay smooth. For best results it is recommended to use the product at night so the face is lax and movement restricted.

Before I report my Frownies feedback, let me tell you something about myself. I am 38 years-old, female and work at as a graphics designer. My job industry is competitive so, stress is not a stranger to me. I have noticed what I call a “number 11” line between my eyes especially when I frown. Horizontal lines have also begun to appear on my forehead. I am not a vain person per se, and have accepted that wrinkles come with getting older. However, I realized during my research that there was a painless solution to this issue, and so I decided to give Frownies a try.

Frankly, I did not expect results until about 1 month into my “experiment”. After using the product nightly for 14 straight days I noticed that my number 11 line had smoothened. The same effect was apparent with my forehead lines. The effect was not instantaneous and after around 1 month I realized that while the lines and wrinkles are still there, they are not as deep and the product seems to be preventing more from appearing.

My Frownies result has not been earth shattering but it has been pleasing for me. One of the plus sides of my Frownie experience is that one box of 144 patches cost around $20, this lasts around 16 to 18 weeks if used nightly. Therefore it is an inexpensive way of getting a DIY anti-wrinkle treatment.

What I don’t like about Frownies is that I have to dampen a patch before putting it on. This can be troublesome as I have to flatten the creases while positioning the patch. It is also sometimes painful to pull out even when it is thoroughly wet. I have had some days where I accidentally pulled out some of my eyebrows because I was not able to put the patch straight.

Since the product does not give instantaneous results but gradual ones, this can be a downer for some people who like results fast. When using the product remember, that your wrinkles won’t go away overnight.

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