How Exercise Benefits The Skin


We all know that exercise is good for the body. But did you know that it is also good for the skin? Think about it after a workout, jog or a game of tennis you’re tired but exhilarated. The exhilaration can be clearly seen on your glowing skin. Your skin is flushed with healthy sweat and exercise helps improve skin health and quality. Exercise has benefits on the skin and should be part of your normal skin care regimen. Healthy skin, vibrant complexion and healthy body are just some of the results of a good workout. Here are other reasons to keep you motivated.

Purge Your Skin

The body has 3 organs that get rid of waste: the kidneys, liver and skin. Exercise produces sweat which in turn helps your body purge damaging toxins that can clog pores that result in pimples and blemishes. During exercise blood flow to the skin increases which also increases neural stimulation. The stimulation allows sweat glands to increase their function allowing the body to get rid of toxins faster.

Tones Muscles

The more toned your muscles are the healthier your skin will look. The stronger and firmer the muscles are beneath the skin the more support the skin will have. Having toned muscles will make your skin look more elastic and firm. Toned muscles also reduce the appearance of cellulite. While you can’t exercise cellulite away you can make it look better.

Increased Oxygen And Blood Flow

According to studies exercise increases oxygen and blood flow to the skin helping ward off skin problems for those who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Exercise helps keep the blood flowing delivering not only oxygen but vitamins to the skin which helps maximize the effects of moisturizers and skin care products to the skin. This helps nourish the skin leading to less skin problems and even amputation in diabetics.

Relieves Stress

Exercise is a great stress reliever which extends its benefits to the skin. A person who is less stressed is less likely to develop flare-ups and acne. According to a study exercise helps suppress the production of stress hormones which could lead to skin problems like psoriasis. If you’re feeling stressed exercise to make those frown lines to smile lines.

Natural Glow

Exercise helps the skin produce more of its natural oils that contributes to that healthy skin glow. These natural oils makes the skin look more supple and will keep it moisturized. Just remember to take a shower after a workout to cleanse the skin from dirt that can trigger bacterial infections or skin problems such as pimples and acne.

Reverses Aging

According to studies published in The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine people who exercise regularly have younger looking skin compared to those who lead sedentary lives. The researchers then studied those who were sedentary and asked them to exercise regularly. The results showed that skin samples taken in the second group were very different and looked more like samples from 20-40 year olds who exercised. Though more research needs to be performed, this result shows great promise.

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