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Finally, a new product to review! Yay! ! I have reviewed a few other lifecell products in the past, and now I get to review their brand new Lip Plumper! I got it in the mail about a month ago, and so far I am in love! It’s your typical smallish size tube (.16oz) which is enough to apply 3 times a day for an entire month. I’m a huge buff on product design (packaging), and I think the product looks great and they did a good job designing it. In addition the applicator tip feels great on my lips (very soft).

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Lip Size Improvements

One of the main features that the Lip Plumper advertises is that it increase the volume of your lips. I didn’t notice a change right away, the first few days but I think it was because I was only applying it once a day. After that I started applying it three times a day which is the recommended amount. After upping my application I definitely started to see a difference. That difference increased progressively throughout the month. My husband was the first one to really point out my new “Angelina Jolie” lips.

Unlike other Lip Plumpers I’ve tried (yes, I’ve tried several over my life time), I did not notice any negative side effects. Other lip plumper I tried would often be irritating to my lips. However, not Lifecell’s lip plumper and that’s because it’s also hydrating.

Hydration Improvements

The first thing I noticed when using the product, was not the increase in volume size, although like I said, that came later. The first thing I noticed was the fact my lips felt so moist! My lips felt soft, supple and had a natural shine to them purely from the products moisturizing effects. It works just about as good as chapstick and your lips NEVER go dry if you are doing the recommended application of three times a day.

Is it Worth It?

I would definitely recommend the Lifecell Lip Plumper product. The first reason is that as a Lip Plumper it’s worked better than any other one I have used. Second, if you want bigger lips for the love of god do not get injections. Injections are overpriced and can cause infections! In addition to that many people who get injections look so fake! Save the plastic surgeon for difficult issues that only they can fix such as nose jobs.

Where Can I Get It?

I haven’t seen any Lifecell products in stores, but you can click here to order their lip plumper off their website.

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