Lifecell Reviews: Hype Or The Real Deal?

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Before I go into my personal review of Life Cell, I want to mention a few things about the product. From what I have noticed the product is not sold in retail stores, however it’s extremely popular.  It has been reviewed on TV programs such as Dr. Oz with positive responses and is sworn by with many celebrities such as Paula Abdul. Lifecell also offers a trial option for first time customers. It’s actually only $4.95 (S/H) for the first month trial, but for that price it’s worth trying since we found it works. You can get the free $4.95 trial here. With that said, I am going to go over how the product works and my experience with Life Cell.

How It Works

As we age, our bodies slow down the collagen making process leading old and saggy looking skin. While this is natural, there are ways to look younger with certain products such as Life Cell. Not everybody knows but the human eye cannot actually see a wrinkle. What we see is the shadow made by the wrinkle. The good news is that the skin care industry has formulated products like Life Cell Anti-aging cream that “tricks” the eye to make wrinkles appear to disappear.

The magically disappearing wrinkle effect is called light reflecting micro-technology. It uses micro fillers to smoothen and soften the appearance of fine lines which makes them almost invisible. However, the real test to any product is to actually use it. So I tested the product for 3 months and I’m currently continuing usage due to positive results. Here are my experiences so far with Lifecell.

My first order that I received.

It Works Really, Really Fast

In my experience I can say Life cell stands up to its promise of instant results and its long term results are also amazing. The product has a “17 second” promise and I have to say it definitely lives up to it. Although I did not personally count to 17 when I tried it for the first time, I did see results within 1-3 minutes. I noticed that my crow’s feet seemed to soften and the fine lines around my mouth also disappeared.

The long term results are amazing too. In two weeks I saw a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and even deep forehead lines. And, because of the all natural dehyper-pigmentation agent in the product all my dark spots also disappeared (this took a little longer 3-4 weeks). My skin looked firm, felt supple and soft. This is because the elastin producing agent in Lifecell is one of the most potent in the market.

What makes this a great product is that it targets three skin concerns and so much more. Lifecell is not only an anti-ageing product, it also moisturizes, protects against free radicals and keeps the skin hydrated while encouraging the production of collagen from deep within. Collagen maintains the skin’s elasticity making it plump and brighter. Lifecell also contains DMAE and Retinol both of which are known potent anti-ageing agents.

*Many women wear make-up and this product also has the ability to dry completely with a matte finish. It’s a perfect primer for women who wear foundation and blush every day. It keeps make-up in place and almost smudge-free even after my hectic 16 hour work days.

Are There Any Draw Backs?

I’ve been singing Lifecell’s praises for a few paragraphs now so I guess it’s time to note some of the things this product lacks. For me it’s SPF. We all know how damaging the sun’s rays can be and while Lifecell does its job of concealing wrinkles really well, it does not have a sun protection factor.  The company explained that combining SPF with anti-wrinkling properties cancels out the product’s anti-oxidants. However, applying sun screen afterwards is acceptable. I usually wait about 10 minutes before I put sunscreen on after applying Lifecell.

So here’s a short recap on Lifecell: it’s cost effective as it contains several products in one package. It’s an anti-wrinkle cream, hyper-depigmentation agent, moisturizer and anti-ageing product. This helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, erase age spots, hydrate the skin and delay the ageing process. And so far it lives up to what’s written in the product’s box. In my opinion this is one of the best anti-ageing creams for long term usage and fast term results.

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  1. I found out about LifeCell actually by reviewing another product. I started reading about it, and they were describing the very thing I was looking for. I called in for my free sample and the experience has been great so far. My skin is not overly oily and if feels really good. I can’t wait to have used it for a longer amount of time to see how it improves my skin. I’m also glad that everything is in one tube. I’m looking forward to completing my routine with the whole line.

  2. The results I saw from just 2 days using LifeCell’s All-In-One Anti-Aging cream was nothing short of amazing! At 59, I thought I would have to give in to my skin’s insistence to crinkle & wrinkle. Not so! The crinkles are gone and wrinkles have greatly diminished. Can’t wait to try LifeCell’s cleanser, too!

    • Hi Connie,

      Let me know what you think of the cleanser. I’m glad you also saw improvements with the regular Lifecell product as I did.

  3. I’ve been using Lifecell every morning and night for about a month now and I am so happy with the texture and appearance of my skin. The cream is hydrating but not too thick or oily. I’ve noticed my eyes don’t look so tired in the morning and I have a natural glow. I can’t wait to try the new cleanser as well! Thanks Lifecell!

    • Hi Renea,

      I have sensitive combination skin and I found that it didn’t bother my skin at all. I actually think it made my skin more resilient after taking it for a few weeks.

    • Christine is on vacation and she knows the most about the product. But I also use lifecell and think I can answer your question. I apply lifecell in the morning before I go to work, and at night around 8 pm or a bit earlier if I am going out that night. You should still apply it at night because of the long term benefits. Hope this helps.

      • I start using Lifecell on the first week of December 2013 and on Christmas Day, I get shocking compliments from families and friends who I seldom meet. They said my face looks so firm and fresh (I use light make-up). So it proves well Lifecell reduced significantly most I repeat it again MOST of my facial fine lines and amazingly I have this huge dark spot on my right cheek and it disappears slowly…really it disappears slowly. I will continue using LifeCell and I honestly trust this product more than 100%.

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