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neriumAD_productNerium is one of those anti-ageing products with the aggressive before and after photos that seem to hook many consumers especially women. It is an age-defying night treatment for people who want to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce hyper pigmentation and reverse sun damage on the skin. The before and after photos are stunning but is this just hype or is the truth?

At around $120 a pop I decided to scrutinize the ingredients of the product before trying it out and then do a Nerium review afterwards. According to their website, ingredients for their anti-ageing product are plant-based. Basically, they have taken a poisonous plant, Nerium oleander which they synthesized in a way that it is now an age-defying product. The company claims that this product is effective upon first application. This statement has piqued my interest and made me purchase the product.

One of the things I instantly liked about my Nerium experience is that it is designed as a night treatment cream. For somebody who rushes to work every morning, this is a godsend. Applying beauty products at night is one of my favorite things to do as it can be done leisurely. However, there are directions to follow so better read the box before applying. But don’t sweat; the directions are easy to understand.

After following directions and applying for 5 nights straight, I decided to consult my before and after photos. I immediately noticed that the fine lines around my mouth had become less prominent. As a past smoker this improvement was a small victory for me. Physically I did feel my skin tighten, especially the area around my mouth and eyes. The skin below my eyes is less puffy and has also lightened.  My age spots are also less visible and even my husband complimented me on this.

My skin also felt smoother. Even at 48 I still get pimples from time to time and upon using Nerium, the breakouts have become far and few in between. This is definitely a positive point for my Nerium feedback.

On the negative side of my Nerium review is the price. Not many women no matter how wrinkly are willing to spend $100 plus on an anti-ageing product. The company is also into multi-level marketing, so basically you get a discount if you’re a member and recruit other people t use it. This can be a hassle for many consumers as many view MLM as nuisances.

I am also not in love with the product’s smell. The odor is a bit off putting and the first time I tried it on, I had to hold my breath while smoothing the product around my face. The smell is a bit over powering and strong.

I’ve only been using the product for a short time only I have yet to experience the total disappearance of my fine lines and wrinkles. In my opinion, the product did deliver their effective upon first application promise I am not sure if all my wrinkles will disappear.

To summarize, on the Nerium plus side, good product, on the down side: bad odor very expensive and MLM.

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