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  • Nerium Review

    Nerium is one of those anti-ageing products with the aggressive before and after photos that seem to hook many consumers especially women. It is an age-defying night treatment for people who want to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce hyper pigmentation and reverse sun damage on the skin. The before and after […]

  • Algenist Product Review

    Algae as a skin care product? This is what Algenist is doing for skin right now. They are harnessing the oil producing capabilities of microalgae for its anti-ageing benefits for the skin. According to Algenist developer Solazyme, Algenist products work by accelerating skin renewal and promote tighter skin after continued long-term use. This is what […]

  • Bio Oil Reviews

    Bio Oil is a skin care oil used primarily for the treatment of scars. This product has been a big hit with many pregnant women who are suffering from stretch marks and for those who are looking for a good anti-ageing product. This has made many women wonder if all of this can be done […]

  • Clarisonic Reviews

    Clarisonic is a skin care product originally manufactured by Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, the company founded by David Guliani. The product was later bought by L’Oreal in 2012 and today, Clarisonic Skin Care System has revolutionized the anti-ageing industry not only in the United States but in Europe as well. I decided to give this product […]

  • Dermawand Review

    I am continuously on the search for the best anti-ageing and skin care system and so one day I stumbled upon Dermawand. Before buying I naturally looked up some reviews of the people who used this product and became intrigued by the product and the infomercial I saw on TV. Reading the reviews made me […]

  • Frownies Review

    My friend recommended Frownies to me several months ago. When she told me about it I was skeptical in purchasing the product especially since it was just a patch and it does not contain any formulation that would get rid of wrinkles and lines in my forehead. Since she was really convincing I decided to […]

  • Lifestyle Lift Reviews

    I was hesitant to try Lifestyle Lift and even do a Lifestyle Lift review especially because there were so many negative reviews of the product. There are many scary reviews especially on sites like PissedConsumer made me hesitate some more. Personally I wanted to try the product but the reviews of the product were usually […]

  • Strivectin Reviews

    I recently lost 40 pounds and noticed that my face and neck began to feel a bit saggy. I was looking for a good product to help me tighten my skin when I stumbled upon Strivectin. I was hesitant to try this product at first as I felt that their claims seemed to be out […]

  • Arbonne Reviews

    My hairdresser kept going on and on about Arbonne during one of my appointments to the salon that I became curious about this product. Upon research I discovered that their anti-ageing line contained 9 ingredients including Vitamin C and Algae at higher concentration than other brands. Since I am always on the lookout for good […]

  • Skin Care Products Men Should Have

    Our skin is our biggest organ and drastically contributes to our over all appearance  It keeps us safe from the elements and is considered a part of our immune system. Which is why taking care of it is very important and there are so many products available to support our skin. However, in all reality Most […]

  • Best Wrinkle Creams of 2013, Expert Reviews.

    Editors Choice: Best Wrinkle Creams of 2013 Here is our list of the best wrinkle creams that we have reviewed over the years. We have personally tested each one of these products and wrote a lengthy review which you can read underneath each product description. We also take into consideration the wrinkle cream reviews that […]

  • Bad Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

    Most of us purchase commercial skin care products. We see these advertised everyday promising us clear skin, blemish free and radiant skin. We see alien sounding names on labels of many products but don’t know what they are or what they do. If so, how do we know that they are good for the skin? […]