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  • Choosing a Skin Care Product

    Going shopping for skin care products can be quite intimidating. There are rows and rows of different products with different uses. How do you know which brand to use, let alone which ones you really need? The good news is that while there are many products out there, we only need a few to look […]

  • Stopping Wrinkles in Their Tracks

    Did you know that there are ingredients found in your kitchen cupboards and in your refrigerator that can help prevent wrinkles? While aging is a natural process there are natural and affordable ways of delaying the process. Here are some DIY recipes to help get rid of dry, saggy and wrinkly skin. Moisturizer A natural […]

  • Everyday Skin Tips

    Our skin protects us from the sun, pollution and the elements. It is about 2 square yards that we cleanse and slather lotion on every day. For most people skin care consists of cleansing and applying lotion. However our skin needs more than that. The part of our skin that we clean and slather lotion on is […]

  • Hydroxatone Review: Does It Work?

    By Christine Kinney | Editor Rating: Hydroxatone is an anti-ageing product that eliminates fine lines and wrinkles without the need to go under the knife. This is great for men and women who have brow furrows, crow’s feet, saggy skin and wrinkly neck. This potent anti-ageing cream is more affordable compared to cosmetic surgery. It […]

  • AuraVie Review: Thumbs Up

    By Christine Kinney | Editor Rating: The Aura Vie skin care is quite extensive. This skin care line is a 3 step system. There is a Purifying Cleanser Toner Gel for gentle but effective cleansing, and Age Defying Serum to revive tired skin and a Day/Night Moisturizer for maximum moisturization. According to the product’s website […]

  • Wrinkle Prevention Tips

    Wrinkled skin looks old and damaged. Which is why it is important for everybody to prevent wrinkles from appearing as its appearance is hard to reverse. Many people resort to cosmetic surgery to stave off signs of wrinkles and aging. Sadly not everybody can afford such procedures. And even if they could botox and facelifts […]