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Question: What would you guys recommend for wrinkle problems? As I am getting older like every other woman I want to slow down the process and keep looking young for as long as possible.
-Mary Lewis, Age: 41 Location: TX


Answer: Hi Mary, there are several things you want to do to prevent wrinkles and the appearance of aging. The first thing you want to look at is your over all diet and health routine. Staying hydrated is extremely important as well as eating a balanced diet with nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish and nuts. Along with a healthy diet it is important to regularly exercise and keep your over all health at it’s best. Lastly, you want to use a good moisturizer with anti aging properties. Look for ingredients such as retinol, used on many of the more effective products.
-Christine Kinney

Question: What can I do with an uneven skin tone? I have lots of dark spots and it really looks terrible in the right or “wrong” lighting.
-Lisa, CA Age: 34 Location: CA


Answer: Hi Lisa, dark spots are one of the trickiest problems you can encounter with skin. There are really no guaranteed fixes without using laser surgery for more invasive procedures. However, certain skin products can reduce the appearance of dark spots and we review several of these products on our website. Using the right skincare product can help greatly but also using good make up practices can help with dark spots. You can use a light foundation to help lighten the appearance of the dark spots without having a caked on make up look.
-Robin Cormick

Question: What are the top wrinkle products you guys would recommend?
-Laura Brown, Age: 54 Location: UT


Answer:  Laura, there are so many wrinkle products to go with it’s hard to only recommend a few. It also depends on what your main goals are with treating your wrinkles. One product we recommend is Lifecell which shows results almost immediately because it works by covering up the wrinkles. Another great product we recommend is Hydroxatone which is not as fast acting as Lifecell but can really benefit the reduction of new wrinkles and your over all skin health
-Christine Kinney

Question: This question is for Mary. I know she has a lot of experience modeling and has probably used lots of products. Do you believe any products can actually speed up wrinkles? Make-ups? Foundations? Are there products to avoid in a preventative manner?
-Caroll, Age: 32 Location: UT


Answer:  Hi Caroll, thanks for asking such a great question. Yes, I have used endless amounts of products due to the rediculous amounts of samples given to models. Most products I didn’t use very long for obvious reasons (they weren’t that good). But in my opinion, some products that are considered harsh should definitely be avoided. Products that contain alcohol or dry out your skin are a huge no-no. Anything that causes drying should be stopped, it dehydrates the skin and in my opinion ages it faster.
-Mary Lynn Wright

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