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I recently lost 40 pounds and noticed that my face and neck began to feel a bit saggy. I was looking for a good product to help me tighten my skin when I stumbled upon Strivectin. I was hesitant to try this product at first as I felt that their claims seemed to be out of this world. According to them wrinkles do not stand a chance with their products and I even read some Strivectin reviews that claimed that Strivectin was better than botox. Their products are around on the expensive side so I decided to read up a bit before purchasing and trying a product.

Strivectin was originally developed for stretch marks. Along the way they discovered that it did pretty well with wrinkles too. The company motto is: “More Science, Less Wrinkles”. Strivectin has been awarded 30 patents for their various products. In the end I decided to try the Strivectin-TL Tightening Face Serum which I bought at around $89. I use the product morning and night applying directly to my face and neck. Even though I am only 39, the sagginess for me was pretty apparent especially on my neck.

I honestly did not expect the product to work over night but my skin did feel tighter the day after. One of the great things I liked about this product is that my face did not feel itchy like it normally does when I use something with Retinol in it. It did not look as though my skin was tighter but inside it felt as if it was. Over the next 3 weeks, I noticed more physical transformations on my face and neck. I do not have many wrinkles but the ones I had on my forehead and those around my mouth had lightened considerably. My neck which really looked saggy and old began to look smoother too. The saggy feeling and look has lessened considerably.

The only bad thing I can say about this product is the expense. One bottle lasted about 1 month. While I do apply sparingly but evenly the areas applied especially in my case is quite big. I apply all over my face and neck area. While the results are great, the cost can add up considerably as I will need to add $89 per month to maintain the tightness and get rid of the sagginess.

After 3 months I am still using this product as it has been a good Strivectin experience for me. I have gotten many compliments not only on my weight loss but on my youthful appearance as well. One of the most positive Strivectin feedbacks is that it has helped boost my confidence and has given me a better outlook on life. I like wearing make-up now and feel so much better because I know that I look younger with Strivectin.

I recommend this product to those who can afford it. In my opinion, it is worth the expense and it has helped me look and feel young again.

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