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happy-wrinkles-1429380For some people, they don’t fully understand or appreciate what retinol is until a wrinkle is exposed.  The truth is, retinol has a multitude of usages.  Retinol were initially used to improve severe acne,  but recently other benefits were discovered through this product- such as preventing harmful effects from the sun and treating wrinkles.  Retinol has been found to be a type of Vitamin A-the same Vitamin A that develops healthy skin, vision, teeth and tissues.  Retinol in simple terms, is a cell-communicating ingredient that links to our existing skin cells and actually trains them to be healthy again.    Before delving into this beauty abundance, you should understand the difference between the varieties of retinol products that exist in the beauty market.

Retinol in low concentration .This includes products that have a retinol concentration of .01% to .03%. This may seem like a very miniscule number, but don’t be fooled!  This type of products enhance the efficiency of a broad spectrum sunscreen or the effects of anti-oxidants in anti-aging products.  Think of it as a multiplier- a super enhancer that improves the ability of your products.  In fact, research from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology has confirmed low concentration retinol as being effective in improving the health and appearance of skin.

Retinol in moderate concentration. Products with .04% to .1% are considered moderate and still available at most beauty convenient stores.  These type of products are used to treat real wrinkles (crow’s feet), discolorations loss of collagen.  These are your “Intensive wrinkle repair serums” that within a span of 8 weeks can visibly reduce the signs of wrinkles and skin firmness.

Retinol in higher concentration-prescription. These type of products are not intended for anyone and should only be prescribed by a dermatologist.  Generally these have a concentration of around 1 percent and have significant results in only one week.  There are two special types you should consider with your dermatologist.


What for? This type of retinol is used orally for severe acne when antibiotic or the standard topical products fail.  This type of product is available by prescription only.

Cons? If used by pregnant women, this type of retinoid can cause birth defects.  Also has some cases of causing depression followed by thoughts of suicide.


What for? This type of retinoid is used as a prescription acne treatment and can be used to reverse damage to skin from sun exposure.  How this process works is tretinoin rapidly aids the process in shedding dead skin cells, so that the turnover for new vibrant skin cells occurs faster.  This type of product can create wonders for the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots from sun damage, although not completely understood as to how.   This is also a prescription only product.

If you’re still unsure about which type of retinol product is right for you, never hesitate to contact a professional dermatologist.


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